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The 4teenz.com.au website is produced by Open Doors Counselling and Educational Services Inc.

It is aimed at young people from about 11 – 16 and provides information and support on a range of topics to do with puberty, growing up and making safe choices as an adolescent.

Open Doors was founded in November 1984 in Ringwood, Victoria, to provide support for those concerned with crisis pregnancy and related issues.  The development of preventive health education programs for schools followed as a natural corollary to the work of the counselling arm.

In 1999 the work of the Centre was acknowledged when the immediate past Executive Director, Mrs Jenny Kearney, was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia for service to youth and to lifestyle education through Open Doors Counselling and Educational Services.

Open Doors is an ecumenical Christian organisation.  Education programs, resources and approaches are not religious in content but are very definitely value based.  The values presented to young people are those that support the healthiest options for teenagers.  In the area of sexual behaviour, the healthiest option for teenagers is to postpone sexual activity.  This position is strongly supported on physical, psychological and emotional evidence.

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